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that girl, Kelly... who is she?


I am Web & Graphic Designer in Panama City, Florida.

My passion lies in art  and I thrive on creativity. I created my first website in the late 90′s for a friend who was delving into the world of e-commerce at it’s start. I loved the process (although I admittedly knew nothing about HTML or CSS). From that point on, without any formal schooling and tons of trial and error, I further developed my skills in Web & Graphic Design, and increased my knowledge in the applicable design programs.


Once I learned that design is more about solving problems than it is about anything else and that all design is meant to create a solution to a problem we all face, and doing it in a creative, intuitive, and efficient way.

a run on sentence of things i love...

I love Jesus, my best friend and husband, Dennis, my children -Brandon, Ryan, Emalee, Nick & Jaida, my parents, my sisters, friends, good coffee, Mexican food, music, reading, the sound of rain, the smell of honey suckle, miniature donkeys, uninhibited laughter, adoption, authentic people,  abstract art, crayons, dreaming, when someone says something is impossible, that brings me back to uninhibited laughter, humming birds, butterflies, my doggies, the American flag waving in the wind, wooden crosses, yellow houses, lipstick, and the color pink.


I'm sure I missed a thing or ten, but now you know a little about me.

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